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Van's Hot Sauce

Specialty Hot Sauce


Van's Hot Sauce

Starting in the kitchen of my home, this hot sauce combines sweet-heat and curry to form a versatile condiment that goes well on just about anything. It goes best on grilled meats, fried foods, potatoes, and so much more.

I, Van Horvath, am a young entrepreneur who loves to try and create new things. My hot sauce is inspired by flavors of the Caribbean.  I worked hard for hours trying to create the best sauce that I could. Taking feedback from my friends and family, I tweaked the recipe a few times to perfect it.

When designing my label, I chose to use the Hindu god, Vishnu, in order to represent the multiple Indian spices giving Van's Hot Sauce its incredible flavor. Vishnu is the god of preservation, providing salvation for humanity. Vishnu is one of the overarching gods in Hindu religion.

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Where To find it?

Stores Selling Van's Hot Sauce

You can find Van's Hot Sauce in the Waterwheel Village and Village Home and Garden in Galway, NY. You can also find Van's Hot Sauce in Juicy Burgers and More Restaurant and Moby Rick's Seafood Store.

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TEL: (518)-430-7501 /
1945 Perth Road

Galway, NY 12074


Our staff:

CEO - Van Horvath

Head of In-school sales - Daniel Lutts

Head of merchandise - Julien Forster

Head of customer service - Fleming Newbold

Head custodian - James Denapoli

Head of Social Media and Advertising - Nate Finley


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Van's Hot Sauce. Since 2019

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